Our Mediterranean origins, living in an area of excellent Extra Virgin Oil production, always on the everyday tables, and our passion for good food have pushed us to deepen our knowledge about cultivation, olive harvest, and oil production process. We are always looking for the best products of this wonderful fruit of the earth discovering unexpected realities: small farms, often family-run, which bear witness to the world’s absolute superiority in the quality of Italian extra virgin oil. 

The EVO oil represents the basic ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet considered by the world’s leading dietitians and nutritionists a model of nutritional balance and which was awarded in 2010 by UNESCO as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.                                 

That is the idea! Why not combine the passion of these farmers with the desire to contribute to the knowledge and enhancement of food excellence and olive oil in particular?   

This is how www.olioevo.eu was born

Olioevo.eu is the marketplace dedicated to Extra Virgin Olive Oil which tells the excellence of the PDO, the quality of olive crops and the Italian agri-food tradition. It is a place where food culture, land promotion and environmental, energy and economic sustainability come together, in one word: QUALITY. Olioevo.eu offers the opportunity to connect the producers, even the smallest, with the large audience, taking advantage of the enormous peculiarities of the internet and opening up to the possibility of making known their excellent products.  

The aim of Olioevo.eu is to promote, distribute and market 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with RECOGNISED CERTIFICATIONS, of PROTECTED DESTINATION of ORIGINS and coming from BIOLOGICAL farming. Eco-sustainability and eco-compatibility are the fundamental principles for choosing the products to be included in Olioevo.eu. As well as let you know the production methods, the nature and history of the lands where high-quality olive growing gives its best. Thank to Olioevo.eu, everybody can know, buy, and taste genuine extra virgin olive oils of excellence at affordable prices, ask for suggestions for the combination with the most suited recipes in order to enhance each type of EVO OIL, and learn about the nutritional and organoleptic properties of what is called “the gold of Gods”. 

Why should you choose www.olioevo.eu? 

● We select only the highest quality products, certified, of Protected Destination of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and Biological. 

● You can choose different qualities of extra virgin olive oil, with different taste peculiarities and food paring tips in order to discover new flavours. 

● Exclusive gift ideas: extra virgin olive oils that have obtained international awards and PDO, PGI and Biological certifications perfect for any occasion, dermocosmetics products, objects and cooking accessories made by skilled craftsmen in olive wood. 

● Payments with Credit Cards and PayPal, the platform to make safe payments on the internet. Alternatively, you can make an advance bank transfer. 

● Reliable shipments: we carefully package your extra virgin olive oil, so that it does not suffer any damage or alteration during transport. 

● You can sign in for the NEWSLETTER: you will receive promotions before everyone else. 

The Guarantee of www.olioevo.eu

Olioevo.eu has adopted precise rules to guarantee the absolute quality of the selected products. The elements that contribute to the concept of QUALITY for Olioevo.eu consist of three basic assumptions: 

● Good: it refers to the taste, which is personal, but it is also the result of habits and traditions that belong to us and are part of our CULTURE. We can therefore say that the concept of good is not only a gustatory sensory perception, but it carries within itself what we are and where we come from. GOOD therefore is a Cultural factor. 

● Sustainable: it means that everything that contributes to producing Olioevo.eu must be sustainable. The land must not suffer from over-exploitation that impoverishes natural resources. The production of both oil and other products must be zero in the energy balance and the materials used are all 100% recyclable, to protect our environment and our Earth. 

● Honest: it means that the final price must meet the criteria of a fair and balanced remuneration of the entire chain, respectful of everyone’s work and above all of those who are at the base of everything: the farmer. The logic of the market alone and the maximization of profit are polluting factors for our concept of quality. 

Once established these basic principles, the rules that Olioevo.eu has given itself to have quality products, are the following: 

- All our products are Extra Virgin Olive Oil, PDO or PGI, recognised trademarks and guaranteed by the EUROPEAN UNION. The list of Italian oils that have received this recognition can be found in the “Selection criteria” section of Olioevo.eu. 

- Among the various choices, Olioevo.eu prefers products that have received the certification of “Biological Product”, in relation to sustainability which is one of the three fundamental principles that we have given ourself. 

- Our preference goes to small farms, where cultivation and production processes derive from a direct love relationship with their land and where ancient traditions are handed down, sometimes for centuries, especially because there you can respect the third principle, honesty. In these farms it is possible to apply the criterion of fair remuneration of farm labour, unrelated to the logic of the price proper to large retailers. Moreover, small farms are manageable and reliable, which is not always possible in larger productions. 

- More and more often the quality of Italian agri-food and in general of Made-in-Italy products gets international accreditations and awards. These excellences of our diet are part of Olioevo.eu’s choices.