It has been definitely proved now: EVO oil is the basic component for a good, healthy, and, above all, high-quality cuisine, all the way to excellence. The major five-star chefs, and not just them, choose the raw materials at the basis of their cuisine and choosing the oil is definitely among the main ones. is the marketplace dedicated to Extra Virgin Olive Oil including all its derivatives (Vegetables and Fish in oil, Condiments based on evo oil, Table Olives and Pâté, Accessories in olive wood for catering). It’s a place where food culture, land promotion, and environmental, energy and economic sustainability come together, in one word: QUALITY.  

The aim of is to promote, distribute, and market Extra Virgin Olive Oil at 100%, with RECOGNISED CERTIFICATIONS, PROTECTED DESTINATION of ORIGIN and coming from BIOLOGICAL farming. 

In this section, opens itself up to the catering world. Register in our format and you will preferentially receive the offers before anyone else. You will be able to orient yourself among the various regions of production, Cultivars or aromatic features, request customised quotes for your restaurant at convenient conditions without having to make oversized stocks, as our logistic organisation allows to receive the products in 48 hours upon receipt of the order. 

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