Pitted EVOO

EVOO - Itran's Italian single variety extra virgin olive oil - 1,5 lt. - 2

EVOO - "Raro" Italian Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1

EVOO - Italian monovarietal extra virgin olive oil Rotondella - 1

EVOO - Italian single variety Carpellese extra virgin olive oil - 1

Olio EVO - Olio extravergine d'oliva "Core 'ngrato" 500 ml. - 1

EVOO - Itran's Italian single variety extra virgin olive oil - 1

EVOO - 4 bottles pack of Italian extra virgin olive oil

Pitted EVOO and pitted extra virgin olive oil

The pitted EVO oil has superior organoleptic properties and a lower level of acidity than extra virgin olive oil and for this reason it is a product of exceptional quality. The pitting takes place with specific machinery and performed after washing, before the kneading phase. With the separation of the pulp of the olives, the tannic substances of the core are eliminated, obtaining an extra virgin olive oil richer in antioxidant substances and the almost elimination of polyunsaturated acids, greatly lowering the acidity, with a better resistance to oxidation. An EVO oil is obtained with a sweeter taste with a lower bitter aftertaste typical of extra virgin olive oils, and particularly suitable for steam cooking fish and vegetables, which maintains its consistency after cooking, bringing all its beneficial health properties