Olive Oil in Nutrition 

Extra virgin olive oil, being highly digestible, is recommended in weaning by adding it to foods from the first months of life. It provides the organism with oleic acid, fundamental for the development of the brain and the mineralization of bones.  

It is an energy reserve that is readily available, and so it becomes important during adolescence because this is a growing age that requires a lot of energy.  

During the adult age it is necessary to make important food choice – dietary and even lifestyle. They will be the health insurance for future years. During this period of life, it is appropriate to balance the caloric and the protein intake (preferring vegetable to animal proteins) and to do physical activity. EVO oil becomes fundamental in our nutrition and, being a vegetable fat, to be preferred to animal fats, it is essential in order to make it the basic ingredient of our foods. 

Getting a little long in the tooth and growing old, our organism undergoes a natural and progressive decay. Muscle mass (lean mass) and bone mass reduce, while fat mass tend to increase. Even in this case, a healthy and correct diet can help us to effectively counteract this trend. Extra virgin olive oil is once again very useful because, in addition to its authenticity and high digestibility, facilitates digestion and promotes the absorption of vitamins and minerals, as well as counteracts the lack of appetite and, thanks to its laxative power, it improves the regulation of the intestine. 

Where diet balance reaches its climax is in the nutrition of people who practice sport. An athlete needs ad hoc nutrition to achieve the best possible performance. He/she also should not alter his/her target weight, but needs to recover the energy consumed and the stress to which his/her body has been subjected for his/her performance. Meals consisting of energetic foods, highly digestible, rich in vitamins and also fats (which represent a very useful energy reserve for physical efforts) cannot fail to contemplate the use of extra virgin olive oil that meets all these needs, thanks to its nutritional characteristics. 

Particular attention goes to pregnant women. During this period, you need more calories and proteins. Two tablespoons of EVO oil in your daily diet, with its component of essential fatty acids, together with the intake of protein (preferably vegetable: soy, legumes, etc.) can effectively fulfil the task of delivering a perfectly healthy baby. The vegetable origin of extra virgin olive oil, finally, makes it a fundamental ingredient in vegetarian and vegan diets and does not cause any food intolerance. 

Ultimately, we can surely say that EVO oil is among the healthiest foods in the Mediterranean diet. The ideal daily quantity to be included in your diet is three tablespoons. Although the resistance to heat is high (smoke point 210°) and thus it is excellent for cooking, raw consumption remains the most recommended.