Frantoio Astolfi
Frantoio Astolfi

Frantoio Astolfi

Date created: 2022-03-30
Frantoio Astolfi is a family-run business located in an area dedicated to olive cultivation in the Abruzzo municipality
of Cellino Attanasio, in the province of Teramo.
In the mid-90s, the Eldoro and Giuliano Astolfi brothers decided to open an oil mill using the traditional method.
The company started the business in 1999 immediately having a good response in production of extra virgin olive oil.
Thanks to the passion of the two brothers and continuous investments, the company has grown to an important level in terms of turnover.
In 2019, exactly 20 years after the start of the business, Carlo Astolfi at the age of 25 decided to invest in the family business with a new and modern continuous cycle system with cold extraction. Thus began a new phase in the history of the company in perfect balance between innovation and tradition.

The municipality of Cellino Attanasio in Abruzzo is located on the watershed between the Vomano Valley and the Piomba Valley at an altitude of about 430 meters above sea level. The climate is temperate and enjoys a privileged position, not far from the Gran Sasso and, above all, from the Adriatic Sea.
The landscape is characterized by two important waterways, the Vomano and the Piomba.
The latter has a predominantly torrential character. Both the springs and the first part of its course present very interesting aspects under the local flora and fauna profiles. The eastern part of the municipal territory, on the border with the municipality of Atri, is rich in characteristic clayey slopes called calanchi.
Thanks to their particular ecosystem, they too contribute to characterize a globally heterogeneous area, capable of offering great biodiversity in a small patch of land.

Today the company has several plots of olive trees for a total of about 2,000 plants. The first plant already in production has approx. 700 plants. In recent years, a new plant of about 300 plants has been installed and another plant is currently being installed of about 1000 plants. The goal in the next 3/5 years is to transform the land owned by about 20 hectares in new olive groves.
Our olive groves are cultivated in a classic way, without the use of pesticides. Our goal is to guarantee a natural and high quality extra virgin olive oil in full respect of land, product, environment, customers.
The harvest takes place by brucatura, a method that consists in hand-picking the olives directly from the plant. This technique preserves the integrity of the fruit to the fullest and allows it to be stored for longer, achieving a higher quality level.
The pressing takes place within 4 hours of harvesting. This aspect it is essential as a longer wait would cause the olives to deteriorate, damaging the quality of the oil obtained.

The future of the company goes towards full eco-sustainability of processing and production within a growing green path already started with the choice not to use pesticides and the use of manual harvesting.
The next goal we intend to achieve is the total recovery of processing waste for a concrete and real circular economy. We are studying how to reuse waste, for example in the cosmetic field, for the creation of beauty products based on extra virgin olive oil.

The products of our oil mill are characterized by great care placed in all stages of the manufacturing process, from production, processing, packaging, as well as for the attention to the environment shown by the company.
Our products born from the constant commitment to guaranteeing consumers the highest levels of quality.
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