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Organic Farm TRE LUCI
History of our company begins about forty years ago. It all began in the early 1980s, when our paternal grandfather, together with his three children, decided to transform an area of about four hectares into an olive grove. The plot, in the countryside of San Mauro Marchesato, in the "Ponte Tre Luci" area, is halfway between the Ionian Sea and the Sila massif and is free from any source of pollution. Until then, it had been used for the cultivation of cereals, legumes and vegetables for family use, being unable to grow anything else due to lack of water. Hence, they decided to build a well in the lower part with the aim of capturing the water from a deep aquifer; in the upper part, where there is a natural basin between the hills, they created an artificial lake. About seven hundred olive trees are then planted in the ground which, by means of a drip system under the canopy powered by a pump, are periodically irrigated using water from lake and well. The effort is great but the satisfaction in seeing the small plants grow luxuriantly pays off for everything.
During the 90s, his son Francesco, our father, great lover of agriculture, decided to buy a plot of land located close to the first, in the Petraro-Malvaso area, which is very fertile and healthy too. It is a hilly, uncultivated and non-irrigated land. Initially, it sows wheat and legumes every other year. Here he builds an artificial hilly lake as well and, at the same time, creates the connection to the aqueduct, not far away, carrying the water from the bowels of the Sila massif and irrigating all the agricultural lands of the “Marchesato” extending to the Ionian Sea. In 2004 he decided to convert it into an olive grove. He is well aware of the challenge awaiting him but enthusiasm was overwhelming. After a long soil preparation, he planted about 4000 olive trees. The cultivars are Leccino, Coratina, Nocellara Messinese and Frantoio. Where the terrain is less impervious, more than half of the total extension, a drip irrigation system is installed guaranteeing the correct administration of water in periods of greatest need. The happy southern exposure, the sufficient ventilation, the soil fertility and the constant care allow the plants to thrive. In 2016, we three children, more than twenty years old, support our father in the management of the company. A passion for agriculture passed on to us by our grandparents in early childhood and adolescence, when we helped them with small jobs for running the family garden. I think it was precisely at that time that love for the countryside and agriculture and respect for the natural environment and human health were born in us. Over time, we have developed an environmental awareness even at school desks; we are passionate about the study of Sustainable Agriculture Techniques. I personally, Alessandro, undertook university studies in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies. In 2016, we expanded the company by planting 2,800 pomegranate plants in neighbouring land. Cultivars are the Spanish MR100 and Kingdom, exquisite qualities, the former with soft seeds and the latter with semi-soft seeds. It is a new challenge for us, the work is a lot and the obstacles are continuous but the enthusiasm is simply so much. In 2017 we also started experimenting with the cultivation of Crocus Sativus; the results are satisfying, we obtain a very pure saffron that we use for family purposes or for friends. Plants are grown following the techniques of organic farming. For us it is important to obtain products of excellent quality even at the expense of quantity. Our philosophy is to respect the environment and human beings by promoting biodiversity. In our soils we practice grassing, favouring the natural fertilization of the soil and the control of hill erosion, thus eliminating the washout of the organic part; this also guarantees the presence of insect predators of crop parasites. We go out into the field to personally take care of the various plants and choose professional collaborators. Our organic certifying firm, BioAgriCert, is always present in the controls, at all stages of cultivation. In November 2021 we began the bottling process through chemical analysis at an Accredited Laboratory, choice of containers and label, request for authorization for the label.

Harvesting November 2021
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of excellent quality obtained from the olives produced by our small olive grove, extending over the fertile uncontaminated hills of the middle “Marchesato”, halfway between the Ionian Sea and the Sila massif, in Calabria. Almost all of it is exposed to the South, abundantly sunny and also suitably ventilated; it enjoys a mild climate during winter and a hot dry climate during summer.
The cultivars present are Leccino, Coratina, Frantoio and Nocellara Messinese.
We personally follow the cultivation of these precious varieties by adopting the philosophy of environmental sustainability; we do not use chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides; we exploit the natural fertility of the soil and adopt the grassing technique, since many legumes grow spontaneously. It is true, our plants are not overloaded with fruit, we have a limited production but we always get excellent oil.
We meticulously check every other step of the production process: harvesting, milling, storage, bottling.
The harvest of the olives, carefully selected, early or at the right point of ripeness (beginning of veraison), begins in the second half of October and continues in the month of November. It is carried out manually and with the help of nets and mechanical facilitators to ensure the integrity of the fruit.
Their milling takes place on the same day in an organic certified oil mill. The cold extraction technique is applied in a continuous cycle using a decanter, centrifuge and technologically advanced machinery that does not alter its properties.
The extra virgin oil obtained is stored in stainless steel containers, in a dark, cool and dry room.
Fully recyclable containers are used for bottling, taking place in organic certificated environment.
Our "Malvaso" is a product with quality certifications: it is an unfiltered, genuine and excellent Blend, with very low acidity (less than 0.2), a fruity flavour with an intense taste and velvety consistency, with hints of bitter and spicy in balance between them, rich in tocopherols (vitamin E), carotenoids and phenolic compounds favouring the control of cholesterol in the blood and performing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial functions. It has a golden color with green undertones.
It is an oil to be used every day, for the health of the entire family.

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