Valchetta Cartoni Farm
Valchetta Cartoni Farm

Valchetta Cartoni Farm

Date created: 2023-02-06
The Valchetta Cartoni farm of Matilde Rosa Cartoni is located in northern Rome, adjacent to the districts of Labaro and Grottarossa. It is a 35-hectare company steeped in history and was in the past a model company, which is why it was exempt from the agrarian reform of the 1950s. Until the 1970s, flowers and vegetables were produced and milk was produced thanks to the breeding of Italian Frisian cows. In 1970 the territorial extension of the company was reduced and a plant was built from scratch with the capacity to milk up to 90 dairy cows, an absolutely cutting-edge plant for the time. Today the company is engaged in a phase of reconversion and biological conversion and future projects are ambitious. Currently the main production is that of wheat, alfalfa and wheat for feeding the Marchigiana breed cows raised on pasture, as well as obviously the olive grove.
The olive grove of the Valchetta Cartoni Company is located in Rome in the Veio Park. It is made up of trees of different varieties, such as the Frantoio, the Leccino and the Maurino and whose olives are used for the production of the “Valchetta” extra virgin olive oil. The olive grove was planted in two phases: in 1950 there was a first planting and about 160 olive trees dating back to that era are still in production today; in 2020 the olive grove was completely renovated and increased with the addition of 360 new plants of the same varieties which will enter production in 2024.
Particular attention is paid to the olive harvesting phase which is the main key to producing an extra virgin olive oil rich in the organoleptic characteristics necessary to obtain a very high quality product.
This year the harvest began on October 10, the opening date of the Frantoio, and ended on November 5. Our workers used electric blast chillers so that the olives arrived at the mill in excellent condition and were delivered for milling the same day. In this way a fresh product was obtained, with very low acidity and with a high number of polyphenols.
Although the Valchetta Cartoni farm is in organic conversion, for the care of the olive grove we have always relied on natural and environmentally friendly products and in fact the production of the extra virgin olive oil of 2023 will have the Organic certification. This year, even without the "Biological" brand, the company has produced an excellent extra virgin olive oil with a scent of fresh grass and a delicate taste.
The crusher is one of the fundamental elements for obtaining a good product. It is important that the mill processes the olives immediately after delivery and that they use a cold pressing method. In our mill, the cleaning of the filters is particularly accurate and this avoids the deposit of the laying. But to better have clarity, our EVO oil is held at the mill to be deposited in dedicated containers for about 15 days following collection. In this way, any vegetable residues of the olives that could settle on the bottom are eliminated. Subsequently the oil is bottled in the same mill (Frantoio del Veio).
The oil loses its main organoleptic properties over time, but if kept away from light and in a cool, dry place (ideal temperature between 12 and 18°) it retains its characteristics intact. For this reason, the period for consumption is indicated "preferably" no later than 18 months. But if stored well and not in contact with the atmosphere, in tightly closed containers, avoiding oxidation, it can be used even beyond this period
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